Rui Lira is an all-around Communication Designer based in Amsterdam working on:

-Visual and Corporate Identities

-Graphic | Web | Editorial | Package design

-Concept Development

-Art Direction

-Visual Communication and graphic design advice

-Photography and Video production


*If you are a Non-profit organisation or a small artistic/cultural organisation there are special work plan.


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Rui Lira is a communication designer, passionate about the visual world.

A concepts, metaphors and analogies player, that believes in the power of visual communication to reach goals, make the difference and solve problems.

Always fascinated by other cultures, countries and lifestyles, believing that all the experiences (yes, all!), views and knowledge can be sources of inspiration. Besides, small sensations of the day to day… that old man smoking on the corner, the facial expressions of the unknowns, the street workers, or that wind that makes you shut the eyes and fell alive.

Born in the summer of 89 in Felgueiras (Porto, Portugal), since an early age became interested in visual arts, from classic to contemporary, with strong emphasis on street art and new ways of expression.

In 2004 Rui Lira joined the Visual Arts course in Felgueiras’s city high-school continuing his visual education in Castelo Branco (Portugal) by attending to an academic Communication Design and Audiovisual Production course which ended in 2010, with a passage by TUKE in Kosice (Slovakia) under Erasmus program.

He has received a scholarship for an international internship under Da Vinci program. In 2011, Rui’s started a trainee for Retort Art Space in Amsterdam.
After six months of internship, he settled down in Amsterdam where is currently working as a freelancer.


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