Dassuad – Drive

About This Project

I got the pleasure to design the cover art for Dassuad, on his first album ‘Drive’. Dassuad is Bjorn Jensen, a well known name from the old school Amsterdam indie rock scene.

It was the first job signed by Weather & Shape, in partnership with Johan Orlitz, director and producer of the first single video-clip ‘Drive’.

The album was released by Pencilbrain Records.



“What if a dinosaur of dutch Indie decides to quit his band and start over with new musicians in a triple A studio, with a great engineer and 11 killer songs?

Well the result is here. Listen to the upbeat ‘Wasting time’, with its lingering Rhodes piano, dreamy guitar and the vocal that is reminiscent of U2 aswell as Razorlight. Or ‘Slow Whisper’, that might have been the tune for any American 80’s sitcom, like Cheers,  or Who’s the boss? Or come on the trip with the epic ‘Acts of men’, slowly building into a climax, with a beautiful instrumental outro.

Nuff said; end 2012 Bjorn Jensen quits his band and starts all over. The band Dress, had been a steady force in the Amsterdam Indie scene and has recieved much critical acclaim and extensive radio airplay for their three albums Semi-automatic, The Image Reduction Plan and The Comfort Collector, a mention in the Oor popencyclopedia and shows in Paradiso, Melkweg, Vera, Patronaat. The song ‘Semi-automatic’ has been hailed as a dutch pop-classic by the VPRO-gids.

In Brussels Jensen booked the renowned ICP-studios, together with his favorite engineer Michel ‘Shelle’ Dirkx (deus, Arno, Go Back to the Zoo). Together with Maarten Kooijman, Jochem Klijnman and Empee Holwerda, Jensen plays the songs live in the studio.

The four musicians manage to keep the energy of a live performace, with the advantages of a Triple A recording studio. The result is staggering, and they call it Dassuad.” – from PencilBrain Records website.



Brand Identity, Graphic Design
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