Play The Call

About This Project

Play The Call is a gamified learning journey idealized by Edgard Gouveia Jr and being operated by hundreds of people all over the World. The game has the goal to mobilize 2 millions of people to play the game and make the game happen. Has radical has it could be, the project doesn’t involve money or ‘sponsored’ partnerships. So to make it happen, it became a huge movement of people donating whatever they feel is the best they can give to help the game to become alive, tested, and communicated.


As a game it was developed for kids and young people, from 8 to 18. The journey consists on making missions in the real World about things like Biodiversity, Waste, Gift Economy, Food, Water, Well-being and Urban Mobility. Mission by mission the level of difficulty increases because kids have to call and mobilize more people and friends to their missions. Each player starts on the individual level – a mission by him self – then a mission at home, then at school, then at the neighborhood, till it gets a global scale mobilization action.


For 6 months I’ve collaborated to design and develop the game together with another 11 internationally selected designers and network weavers, mobilizing the global network to bring the last version of the game alive.


This team was:

Anais Carreras

Beatriz Cardoso

Bibiana Maria

Bruna Monteiro

Duda Gragnani

Pedro Limeira

Jaana Pinheiro

Joana Hidal

Jonathan Fristedt

Lucas Magnus

Richard Sippli

Rui Lira

Instructional Design, Service Design, Social Design, Strategic Design and Innovation
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